Gretchen Kainz, M.A.                           






Gretchen Kainz, M.A.: Mediation: Gretchen is a Florida Supreme Court-Certified Mediator and has worked in the mediation field for over 10 years. She has served as a liaison and mediator between disabled veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs in Europe, and has mediated issues between families and social services in cases of abuse, neglect, and crisis situations. She currently represents the Florida Judicial System as a mediator and is working with the Massachusetts Judicial System to mandate mediation for non-violent court disputes.

Gretchen is passionate about the power of mediation and the immense, big-picture potential it has to positively impact our world. Its basic principles of empowerment and self-determination help individuals gain a feeling of strength, specifically of self: self-respect, self-reliance, and self-confidence. These lead to an increase in our collective capacity to acknowledge and feel concern for each other as fellow humans focused on common interests — even if some of the details are different. Eventually, with proper commitment, exposure, and utilization of the practice, mediation will help transform the quality of societal interaction and foster an increase in the quality of social relationships and institutions.